Heat-Free Styling: A Growing Trend in Hair Salons

As heat styling gradually increases in popularity, more and more hair salons are beginning to offer services such as air-drying, bantu knots, and roller sets. These techniques offer creative and customized results without the negative effects that heat-styling can have on hair.

Natural Hair Salons on the Rise

With an increase in demand for personalized and quality services specifically tailored to textured hair, natural hair salons are beginning to pop up all over the country. Rather than conventional haircare services, these salons specialize in the unique needs of ethnic and curly hair, as well providing professional advice and techniques in treating and styling this type of hair.

Textured and Protective Hair Styling

Textured curls and protective styles are in, as they provide a unique, dynamic look while simultaneously minimizing friction on the scalp and providing optimal levels of moisture in the hair. These intricate and customized styles can be found in many salons, as they accommodate to the current trends in hair fashion.

Male Grooming Services Gaining Traction

More and more male-focused services are appearing in salons, from beard maintenance, to cut and style services, to scalp treatments and hair-coloring. Men are gradually investing more time and money into their haircare, thus leading to the emergence of dedicated services for men.

Eco-Friendly Salons Growing in Popularity

As more people become conscious of their environmental impact, the need for environmentally friendly salons is on the rise. These salons specialize in using only sustainable products such as vegan dyes and organic styling agents, as well as investing in energy efficient systems.

Hair Health and Wellbeing Services

Hair health and wellbeing services are in demand, as salons introduce treatments that improve their customers’ overall scalp and hair health. These treatments range from in-depth scalp massages to natural than herbal rinses.

Going Digital with Online Services and Apps

With the increasing uptake of digital services, many salons are now adapting to the trend and offering digital services such as online booking, virtual consultations, and even mobile apps that are specially designed to enhance the salon experience.

Evolving Hair Color Services

Salons are beginning to experiment with new creative hair color services such as “unclipped balayage,” “grombre,” and “splashlights.” These services merge various techniques and styles to achieve different looks, such as the softer and subtler unclipped balayage approach.

Minimalist Color Techniques

“Root smudging” and “shadow roots” have become increasingly popular, as they are an easy and low-maintenance ways to play with color. These techniques involve using minimal amounts of dye, which allows for creating depth and dimension.

Gender Neutral Salons

As the need for gender-neutral services become more pressing, a rise in gender-neutral salons has been observed. Services ranging from deep conditioning treatments to subtle coloring and styling can be found in these salons, which are aiming to accommodate a larger range of hairstyle needs.

In light of the ever-changing trend in hairstyling and haircare services, hair salons are continuously finding new and inventive ways to meet the growing needs of their clients. Whether it be eco-friendly practices, gender-neutral services, or creative hair color techniques, the demand for tailored and personalized services is on the rise.


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