Hair Care Trends for 41+ DevaCurl Customers

It’s no secret that haircare is a hugely important aspect for many women. As such, it’s important to keep up with the latest haircare trends among different age groups. Here, we’ll take a look at hair care trends among 41+ DevaCurl customers.

Natural Ingredients Lead the Scene

Natural ingredients are continuing to grow in popularity among 41+ DevaCurl customers as they seek out products that can maintain and improve their hair health. This trend is providing natural solutions for women looking for effective results without harsh chemicals or ingredients.

Kinks, Braids & Twists

Creative articles of styling are growing in popularity among 41+ DevaCurl customers. Kinky and textured styles, as well as braids and twists, are trendy alternatives to traditional hairstyles that help women express their personalities while protecting their hair.

Inclusivity & Diversity

DevaCurl is doing its part to ensure that its products are available to all women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds by developing a diverse range of hair products, including lines meant to accommodate different hair lengths and textures while still being affordable and accessible.

Plant-Based Haircare

Plant-based hair care products are growing in popularity among 41+ DevaCurl customers seeking healthier solutions for their hair. Studies have shown that plant-based hair care products can be just as effective, if not more so, in achieving positive results for hair health and strength.

Hair Oils

Hair oils are becoming a key staple for 41+ DevaCurl customers as they help nourish, protect and revitalize dry, brittle and damaged hair. Oils are a great tool for promoting natural hair growth and product, as well as shining, softening and moisturizing women’s hair.

Curl Activator Sprays

Curl activator sprays are a must-have for 41+ DevaCurl customers. This product line provides lightweight formulas that offer nourishment to hair while activating curls and helping to combat the effects of the elements.

Hair Defining Creams

Hair defining creams are becoming increasingly popular for 41+ DevaCurl customers. These creams help to enhance curl definition and deliver softness, shine and bounce to hair that has been lacking those qualities.

Nourishing Leave-in Treatments

Nourishing leave-in treatments are an essential part of the hair care routine for 41+ DevaCurl customers. These treatments help to seal in moisture while nourishing and protecting the scalp and hair.

Hair Growth Shampoos and Conditioners

Hair growth shampoos and conditioners are helping 41+ DevaCurl customers achieve their hair goals. These products are designed to strengthen and repair hair that has been damaged, while promoting healthy new growth.

Dry Shampoo Sprays

Dry shampoo sprays are becoming the go-to product for 41+ DevaCurl customers. These sprays help remove excess oils and product residue from hair, while providing a quick and easy method of refreshing hair without having to wash and dry it.

From natural ingredients to curl activator sprays and nourishing leave-in treatments, these trends show the importance of hair care for 41+ DevaCurl customers. These trends provide options to look after and maintain hair health, while still protecting and promoting natural beauty.


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